The Lower Depths is a little beer bar with amped-up pub food located in Kenmore Square. If you need more info on us, we have compiled a list of “commonly asked” questions for you to browse through. Most of them are stupid, only a few are not. If you have your own stupid question that is not here, contact us and we will add it to our list.


Do you take credit cards?
No. We’re cash only.


Where’s the nearest ATM?
You walked past it on the way in. Right by the front door. Next to the Cash Only sign.


Do you take checks?
Do we look like your landlord? No. Cash only.


Hey! Is this the old Deli Haus?
Aren’t you the little historian? The late, lamented Deli Haus closed sometime in 2001. It became the Underground for a hot minute, then closed for good. We opened on December 12, 2006.


When are you open?
We’re open from 11:30 a.m. — 1 a.m.


How late do you serve food?
Until 12:30.


How many beers do you have?
We’ve got 17 rotating drafts including one cask conditioned, and anywhere from 160-180 bottles in house.


How do you chose your beers?
We try to have a selection of everything for everybody, with the exception of Budweiser. We also like stay on current trends and get beers that are limited, rare or fan favorites. We’re always open to suggestions—if you want something, ask us. Maybe we’ll get it for you, if you’re nice.


How often do you clean your beer lines?
We clean our lines ourselves every two weeks, and we flush the lines between draft changes.


How do I get in on the Mug Club?
Make yourself known.


What are Beer Socials?
We like to celebrate beer as much as we can. We get breweries in here. They’ll bring something special. We all hang out and drink a ton of beer. Who knows, you might even win something at one of our socials.


When do you have Beer Socials?
We tend to have them from late fall through early spring. We do not have the capability of doing them during baseball season. Blame the Red Sox, not us.


Do you serve liquor?
No. We are a beer bar for beer lovers. We also have wine for the whiners.


Do I have to be 21 to be in your bar?
We are 21+ after 7PM Thurs, Fri & Sat, and before and after Red Sox games. You can come in to eat and have a nice cold soda if you’re under 21. But if you ask for a beer we will ask for I.D., so don’t even try.


So. How’s the food?
It’s pretty awesome.


Will my vegan friend have options?
Yeah. We do have vegetarian/vegan options.


Do you guys do take-out?
Yes, we do everything on our menu, but…


Can I get dogs to go?
Hell no. 7-Eleven is up the block. Buy a package of Oscar Meyer and make ‘em yourself.


Are you a sports bar?
No, we are not, meathead. We’re a beer bar.


Do you take reservations?
No. First come, first served. Including Red Sox home games.


What about for a big party?
We’d appreciate a heads-up if you’re bringing in a large party. In return, we’ll try to accommodate you.


Do you take Mastercard?
ONLY CASH. ATM is by the front door.


Where are you located?
Kenmore Square, right in the shadow of the Citgo sign. But, again, we’re not a sports bar.


Why is the music so loud?
Because we’re a bar, not Starbucks. If it’s too loud, go home.


Can I put on my music?
Hell. No.


Do you have WiFi?
You’re in a bar. It’s time to chill. Put the laptop/phone/iPad/whatever down and talk to your friends, random strangers, or us.


What’s up with the mural?
The Lower Depths is a Russian play by Maxim Gorky. It’s a pretty depressing work. The mural is an homage to people we imagine could have been characters in the play. If you want to know who these folks are, lookie here.


Do you take Discover?
Get it through your thick skull. Cash ONLY.


Can I smoke on your patio?
Nope, sorry. Boston law prohibits it. Take your butts on the sidewalk. And leave your beer at your table—no drinking on the sidewalk. Yeah, it sucks. Deal with it.


Can I sit on the patio and drink all day?
Sure. But you have to order some food while you’re out there. Again, rules and regulations don’t let us let you sit outside with just beer. If you’re only drinking, you gotta come inside.


When does your patio open?
When Mother Nature allow’s us to. Hopefully it’s open from early spring to late fall.


Do you accept—